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:) of course! I loved your blog! Recently discovered Doctor Who and felt the need to follow some blogs!! 

That moment when I voted.

Go Obama go!

Go ref 74 for Washington go! “No freedom til we’re equal. damn right I support it.” -Same Love

That moment when the guy I like asks me on a date.

That moment when my someone says my favorite otp will never happen.

I’m like:

That moment when my friend suggests going shot for shot.

That moment when I am on tumblr and my friends try to get my attention.

That moment when I realize how much homework I have to do.

That moment when happy hour is about to end.

I will take 5 please:

That moment when my parents ask how my holiday in London was.


What I tell them:

Just toured around.

That moment when it hit 12:01 in Seattle last night.

The Heist went on sale so everyone was like:

that moment when Macklemore told me he liked my shirt.

That moment when I saw The Heist was #1 on iTunes albums.

At first I was like:

Then I was like:

Now I am just listening to the album on repeat:

That moment when I am too drunk to tell the cab driver how to get home.


The driver:


That moment when it is the week before I get paid and someone asks if I want to do something that requires me to spend money.

If it involves alcohol:

Then hell yeah I’m in.

Everything else:

That moment when I found out Netflix only works in the United States.